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Kitty K. Free
Unay Umaphia
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We are building a queendom of talented female authors who are not afraid to take chances with their imaginations. Our ultimate goal is to show that what makes us different and unique is just as important as what makes us similar.  Neither should be overlooked, and both should be appreciated.   

If you have any questions regarding our authors or would like more information, please contact us:
Our flagship author specializes in  contemporary female fiction.  Her first novel 
Confession of a Serial Masturbator: The Big, Big "O," is about a woman's journey from mild-mannered bookkeeper to self-pleasure cult hero.  Please visit her blog: kittykfree.wordpress.com
Expect to hear a lot from this sci-fi, fantasy and soft-horror author.  She's working on her first novel, 
Chocolate Girl Wonder Presents: 
Dis Eased Mary, 
set to be released in 2015. Visit her at chocolategirlwonderblog.com
We want to bring women of all backgrounds
together through the  art of story telling.